John Adams: The Garden limited edition numbered tshirt

As many will know, The Winter Gardens was a much-loved music venue in Penzance, and to celebrate John Adams who owned the club in the ’60s & ’70s, who brought such prolific and ground-breaking acts to our doorstep there will be a limited run of ‘Wints’ t-shirts printed.

John sadly died on the January 1, so with the blessing of John’s children, Dany and Mitch, we have reproduced the artwork from two different eras of the Wints and combined them in one contemporary t-shirt design. The aim is to keep that memory alive and put some well-deserved funds into Prostate Cancer UK, the chosen charity of Dany and Mitch.

The limited run of 100 numbered tshirts will all be printed to the purchaser’s individual taste of logo tshirt size and colour.